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This privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the privacy policy) applies to all the information that the Administration of the site, located in the the domain name, can get on the User during use of the site.

1. definition of terms

1.1. This privacy policy, the following terms are used:
1.1.1. "site administration" -authorized individuals on site management, acting on behalf of "Adijuh Palace", that organize and (or) processing of personal data, as well as define the purpose of their the processing of personal data, the composition to be processed, actions (operations) committed to them.
1.1.2. "personal data" any information relating to, directly or indirectly, a specific or identifiable natural person (data subject).
1.1.3. "processing of personal data" means any action (operation) or a set of actions (operations) committed with or without Automation means such means with personal information including the collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, updated, modified, retrieval, use, transmission (distribution, provision of access), depersonalization, blocking, erasure, destruction of personal data.
1.1.4. "Privacy" -obligatory for observance of the person accessing the personal data, the requirement to prevent their spread without the consent of the subject of personal data or the existence of a legal basis.
1.1.5. user of the site (hereinafter-user) " means a person that has access to the site, using the Internet and using the Site.
1.1.6. "Cookies" is a small piece of information sent by a Web server and stored on the user's computer that the Web client or a Web browser every time it sends to the Web server in the HTTP request when you try to open the appropriate site page.
1.1.7. "IP address" is a unique network address of the host computer network built on IP.


2.1. Use by the user of the website signifies your agreement to the terms of this privacy policy and the processing of personal data of the user.
2.2. In case of disagreement with the terms of this privacy policy, the user must cease use of the site.
2.3. this privacy policy applies only to the site We do not control and are not responsible for third party sites to which a user can click on the links available on the site.
2.4. The Administration of a site does not verify the validity of the personal data provided by the user of the site.

3. the subject of PRIVACY POLICY

3.1. this privacy policy sets out the obligations of the Administration site for nondisclosure and ensure the protection of the confidentiality of personal data that the user provides upon request the Administration site registration on the site.

3.2. personal data permitted to Obra otke within this privacy policy is provided by the user by filling out the registration form at http://www.adijuhpalace.ruand include the following information:
3.2.1. surname, name, patronymic of the user;
3.2.2. contact phone number of the user;
3.2.3. e-mail address (e-mail).
3.3. Administration of site protects data that is automatically passed to the process page views of the site, which has a statistical script system ("Yandex."):
· IP address;
· information from cookies;
· information about your browser (or any program that accesses the display advertising);
· access time;
· the URL of the page on which the ad unit;
· referrer (the address of the previous page).
3.3.1. disabling cookies may result in the inability to access portions of the site that requires authentication.
3.3.2. Administration of site collects statistics about IP addresses of its visitors. This information is used to identify and solve technical problems.
3.4. Any other personal information not mentioned above (used by browsers and operating systems, etc.) to be reliable storage and non-proliferation, except as provided in paragraphs 5.2. and 5.3. This privacy policy.


4.1. The user's personal data the site administration can use to:
4.1.1. The identity of the user registered on the site.
4.1.2. Provide the user with access to personalised resources site.
4.1.3. Setting user feedback, including notifications, queries relating to the use of the site, services, processing of requests and requests from the user.
4.1.4. the location of the user to ensure security, the prevention of fraud.
4.1.5. Confirmation of the accuracy and completeness of the personal data provided by the user.
4.1.6. The implementation of promotional activities, with the consent of the user.


5.1. processing of personal data is carried out without time limitation, by any lawful method, including personal data in information systems using automated means or without the use of such funds.
5.2. The user's personal data may be transferred to authorized bodies of State power of the Russian Federation only on the grounds and in the manner established by legislation of the Russian Federation.
5.3. In case of loss or disclosure of personal data to the site administration informs the user about the loss or disclosure of personal information.
5.4. The website administration takes appropriate organizational and technical measures to protect personal data against unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as from other unlawful acts of third persons.
5.5. The Administration of the site together with the user shall take all necessary measures to prevent damages or other adverse consequences resulting from the loss or disclosure of the user's personal data.

6. additional terms

6.1. The site administration retains the right to make changes to this privacy policy without your consent.
6.2. New privacy policy inures from the moment of its posting on the site, unless otherwise provided by the new version of this privacy policy.
6.3. the privacy policy posted on the page at the address http://www.adijuhpalace.rupolitika-konfidentsialnosti