preserve national traditions

Today, Russians are increasingly seeking to rest not abroad, but in their own country, and especially in the North Caucasus. People realized that in the Caucasus there are many interesting things for the tourist: unique traditions, customs, national costumes, cuisine. Here, an amazing combination of flora, magnificent landscapes, fast rivers and high mountains, healing mineral springs and monuments of architecture are combined.

However, in addition to the wonderful landscapes and species, the North Caucasus is rich in traditions and beautiful legends, which is reflected in each of the spheres of everyday life of the local population - from the kitchen and ending with folklore. It has long attracted tourists from all over the world. The share of tourists who come to the North Caucasus exclusively in search of bright "ethnographic" sensations is constantly growing.

In the hotel complex of the European level "Adijuh-Palace" saved many of the Caucasian traditions. The adornment of the complex and, undoubtedly, its most recognizable symbol is the tower of the 18th century, Adiuh ("Svetlorukaya"), named according to legend in honor of the beautiful princess who lived here.

Adiyukh Tower, built by the ancient Alans (it is included in the list of the historical heritage of Karachay-Cherkessia) has been completely restored. A hiking trail is laid to the top of the mountain, colorful illuminations are mounted on the tower. For the development of this project, famous architect Elena Tyukova received the highest award at the republican competition "The Best Architectural Project".

The lobby of the hotel complex resembles an ethnographic museum, where the traditional clothes of three ethnic groups that have been inhabiting Karachay-Cherkessia since ancient times are Abazins, Circassians and Cossacks. To work on the exhibition attracted the most famous in the North Caucasus Federal District ethno-designer and fashion designer Madina Saralp.

Madina Saral is a designer who creates exclusive clothes, perfectly oriented both in costume history and in the intricacies of modern fashion trends. It gracefully combines European aesthetics with a national spirit.

There is also a photo gallery on which unique old photos of Cossacks with their families, Circassians and Abazins are presented.

The hotel luxurious rooms are decorated in the style of the national traditions of the peoples of the North Caucasus.

The Caucasus is a hospitable region.

Hospitality in the North Caucasus is an important component of Caucasian ethics. Caucasians follow the ancient custom of hospitality today. Here, by tradition, they welcome guests, as before, with cordiality, create a comfortable atmosphere, help if necessary.

The hospitality of the peoples of the Caucasus has deep historical roots. To this day, it is not only the most stable tradition, but also a vital attitude that passes from generation to generation.

The Adiyuh Palace Hotel is the best traditions of Caucasian hospitality!