Weekend in the mountains

Weekend in the mountains
25 October 2018

We all love holidays. We love the feeling of a miracle coming, joy, anticipation of fun and a few carefree days that you can devote to yourself and your loved ones. And it often happens that you want a holiday immediately, but there seems to be no reason to arrange it. But the best reason for fun is the desire to have fun, relax, learn something interesting and get new impressions! Arrange a holiday for yourself, for example, this weekend! The meeting point is amazingly picturesque mountains of the North Caucasus, where our hotel and recreation complex is located.

Weekend in the mountains. Adijuh-Palace Hotel.

Adiju Palace Palace » invites you to spend an unforgettable weekend in the mountains of the North Caucasus - a magnificent, scenic area, but not with tents, but with comfort and royal luxury! The hotel staff will help you select room according to your wishes and create an entertainment program especially for you.

Guests arriving to spend the weekend in the mountains with their soulmate, waiting for cozy rooms for two people and events designed to create a bewitching romantic atmosphere. You will be able to take a horse ride through the gorge, through which the Great Silk Road once ran, and fully experience the greatness of the mountains, over which time has no power. And after the walk - visit the Turkish or Russian bath and swim in the pool. For those who pay attention to their physical health - a fitness club, a solarium, massage masters will also wait for you to help you relax, gain strength and feel truly rested.

Spa in the mountains. Adijuh-Palace Hotel.

The sunsets in the mountains of the North Caucasus are incredibly beautiful. After you and your other half enjoy this exciting spectacle, you will have a great dinner and an evening entertainment program . &Nbsp;

Holidays at the weekends in the mountains. Hotel Adijuh-Palas.

Going to relax with a big group of friends? Your weekend in the mountains of the North Caucasus will be dynamic, filled with drive and unforgettable impressions. Love skiing or have always dreamed to try, but there was no opportunity? The « Adihuh Palace » Hotel will be happy to provide you with all the necessary equipment, and the instructors will help you quickly get comfortable and experience the maximum impressions of speed, sparkling snow and a sense of the infinity of your possibilities. Feel confident on wheels? Then ATVs are your choice. The route is entirely dependent on the   your capabilities and wishes. And for those who prefer peace and quiet in the midst of nature, the hotel will gladly provide fishing rods, barbecues and everything you need for a measured rest. Fishing on the pier, delicious food, stunning mountain scenery, crystal clear air and great company - what’s not a perfect weekend?

Arkhyz, Dombai. Weekend Holidays. Adiyuh Palace Hotel.

We all know: after sunset the fun does not end, but only grows! What do your friends like most: music and dance or team games? Or all at once? The plan of your party is completely up to you: you can visit karaoke and sing your favorite songs yourself, arrange a competition in agility and strategy on the billiard table or dance all night long, and all this in our hotel complex!

Bright impressions are waiting for our guests, who have decided to spend the weekend in the mountains with their children. We all know very well how great the thirst for new knowledge is in children - about as great as the love of fairy tales and legends. Invite the children to take a tour of the Adijuh tower, where they can learn the legend that gave the name of the area in which the hotel is located - it is as beautiful as the mountain landscape. You will be able to show the children springs and waterfalls, clean mountain lakes, ancient settlement, teach them how to fish. You will have the opportunity to tell the children about retro cars that stand in our park, and take a ride together on those that will especially please - these are real museum exhibits, with a long and fascinating history. In the children's room , caregivers will take care of your children, and while you communicate in the adult circle, make new acquaintances, play sports or go to spa treatments, your children will definitely find new friends with whom it will be so much fun for them to walk, eat sweets specially prepared for them or splash around in the pool! And for especially active children with a real adventure and their parents, we have a real journey in a caravan - a whole day of freedom and new discoveries, like in films and books about the discoverers!

Weekend in the mountains of the North Caucasus. Hotel Adiyuh-Palace.

What is most important at the weekend? Of course, to take a break from everyday troubles, change the familiar, routine situation to something new, devote time to rest not necessary, but to your favorite pleasant activities and, of course, share happiness, carefree joy and fun with the closest and kin of people to communicate with on weekdays it always seems to be so short of time ... And the clean mountain air, the morning, which is met not by the noise of cars and haste, but by the gentle sun, by the trills of birds and the murmur of clear water - isn't that one of those simple pleasures almost devoid we, the inhabitants of mega Olisov, towns and cities?

Rest on the weekend in the mountains. Hotel Adiyuh-Palace.

We will be happy to give you, your friends and family, the staff of our hotel and recreation complex will happily do everything necessary to ensure that the weekends in the mountains of the North Caucasus give you the most joyful emotions and vivid impressions! And may the ancient mountains of the North Caucasus help you to rest from that crazy pace of life, to which we are all used to, and feel how the time and oldness intertwined here in an amazing mountain canyon at the foot of the Adiyuh tower, as measured and quietly as it is. protect this place and always stand guard over the silence, tranquility and wisdom of ancient legends.

See you soon in our Adiju Palace Palace, an unforgettable weekend in the mountains of the North Caucasus! Come soon, we will be happy to surprise you with gourmet cuisine, high-class entertainment and magnificent landscapes. The staff of our hotel will take care of your comfort, and you will get the weekend of your dreams, new impressions and fond memories!

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