Spa holidays in the mountains

Spa holidays in the mountains
12 June 2018

Hotel and recreation complex "Adiuh Palace" is located in Karachay-Cherkessia, in an amazing place, high above sea level. Rest in the mountains always leaves a lot of impressions: a beautiful landscape, picturesque landscapes, healing sources - everything fills with energy, granted by the very nature of this extraordinary place.

Vivifying mountain air is good for health, here you can have a good rest, gain strength. In addition, one should not forget about balneological and mineral springs, which help to improve well-being. Medical procedures restore health, help alleviate the condition in chronic diseases. Spa holidays in the mountains not only contribute to relaxation, but relaxation, recovery and good mood.

Спа-отдых в горах в отеле Адиюх-Пэлас.

The literal translation from the Latin "Sanus per Aquam" - the healing process of water. Even the ancient Romans understood the importance of treatment in thermal springs for improving well-being. Hotel and recreation complex "Adiuh Palace" offers a wide range of spa services.

Bath-pool complex includes:

  • Pool filled with healing mineral water;

Банно-бассейный комплекс в горах Северного Кавказа Адиюх-Пэлас

  • Hamam, with a gentle temperature regime, where, in addition to the bath procedure, visitors can expect a soap peeling that will make the skin radiant and smooth, a wellness massage and charming relaxing music;
  • Finnish bath, which perfectly removes toxins from the body, tones muscles and has a cosmetic effect;
  • Infrared bath, where the healing effect is obtained due to thermal radiation, which warms the human body. A moderate temperature and a sufficient amount of oxygen make it easier to transfer the procedure than in Russian and Finnish baths.
  • An ice-cold bath without which lovers of bath procedures can not do, they serve to take contrast procedures. Cold water invigorates and tones the muscles, tempers the body;

Спа в горах Северного Кавказа. Отель Адиюх-Пэлас.

  • How to manage from the famous Russian bath, “there is the Russian spirit, there Russia smells”. Hot steam warms the body “to the bone”, improving the protective functions of the body, beneficially affecting the blood circulation.

Русская баня в горах Северного Кавказа

All bath treatments can be completed with massage treatments that will help you relax, relieve stress, reduce pain in different parts of the body and improve your mood.

Спа-услуги в отеле Адиюх-Пэлас. Карачаево-Черкесия, Хабез.

A spa complex in the mountains offers active fitness lovers a gym, equipped with modern cardio and bodybuilding equipment.

Тренажерный зал. Спа-отель в горах Северного Кавказа Адиюх-Пэлас.

In addition to spa treatments, visitors expect a huge amount of entertainment and exciting excursions to Taberda, Arkhyz, Dombay, to Sofia and Honey Falls, as well as to the Adiyukh Tower, with which many legends are associated.

Impeccable service, friendly staff, well-appointed hotel rooms, chic restaurants with panoramic windows to the mountain scenery and excellent cuisine will leave indelible impressions, will give a lot of positive emotions and recharge your batteries for the whole year. A spa in the mountains is a good combination of health treatment procedures and relaxation, which takes place in a picturesque mountain resort.

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