Holidays in the mountains with family

Holidays in the mountains with family
05 August 2018

In the cycle of business and solving problems of financial and domestic nature it is very difficult to find time for the most significant aspect of life - to communicate with your children and build good and trusting relationships with them. All day you are in the cares and at the end of the working day, you do not always want to mess with the children and answer their frequent questions. But do not ignore their responsibilities towards their family and child. And to show by example how to live properly and have your own view of the world, because children first of all set as an example their parents.

And it’s just in time to rest in the mountains with the whole familyyou will get a chance to talk with your family and be a positive example for your children. During the trip with your family, you can increase your importance in the eyes of your children and be an example to follow.

Also an important point is a different view of children on the world and their desire to know everything. For them, everything is very interesting and bright. And with them you will also discover the mountains for yourself from a previously unseen side, even if you have been to the mountains more than once. Since there are a considerable number of small and inconspicuous details that you did not pay attention to. Yes, and it will just be a great injustice to deprive your child of one of the brightest moments of his life - family vacation in the mountains!

Hiking in the mountains - what does it need for children

The biggest reason is very exciting. The whole environment in the mountains is unique and unique. Various stones, caves and streams. How much is unknown around, and it's all not on the TV and laptop screens, but in real life!

Hiking in the mountains with childrenis incredibly helpful. In the mountains, the child expands his horizons and begins to develop intensively and correctly. After all, the key point in raising a child is to set the right direction and to cultivate good habits.

Also, when resting in the mountains, children begin to realize that not everything you want can be obtained by whims. No matter how much he cries and demands, the rain will not stop and the sun will not warm warmer or cooler. But there is an opportunity to put up a tent or make a fire, as well as delicious something to cook. And here you are, albeit small, but so well done!

Mountain vacation destinations

There are many places where you can relax in the mountains. But on a general background, it is especially worth noting rest in the mountains of the North Caucasus.

The North Caucasus is the land of vivid impressions, hitting that at least once, will want to come back again and again. The Caucasus is the greatness of nature and mountains, entrenched in the hearts of more than one generation of tourists and poets. Here the purified air of the mountains, the blue waters of the lakes, the translucent light of the transparent rivers, the obstinate peaks of the famous Caucasus Mountains, leaving an indelible impression of canyons, caves, waterfalls. The Caucasus is a land rich in nationality, their history and cultural heritage.

In the Caucasus, you can find many resort places where you can relax with your family in the mountains. But I would like to mention the two competing resorts of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic: Dombai and Arkhyz.

They are located in the neighboring canyons, but their nature and ways of recreation are different.

Dombay - is a popular ski resort in the North Caucasus. There are several cable cars and ski slopes with a variety of difficulty levels - from beginner to professional, from skier to snowboarder. In Dombai mid December to April, the season is in full swing.

On the way to Dombai there is an opportunity to visit Teberda. It will give you pleasure in a pleasant climate and clean air. Teberda — it is the heart of mountaineering and walking tours.

And now about Arkhyz. What can you do? There are many ways of both winter and summer holidays.

In winter, the season starts in December, there’s a “ski paradise”, which is caused by many different high-end slopes and the most important snowmaking system.

In the summer, horse riding and hiking, a rope park are in high esteem. You can visit the Byzantine temples and Sofia waterfalls.

You can settle in a family-friendly hotel in the mountainsfor quite reasonable prices. Adiyuh-Palace can be considered as a good option of such a hotel.

Adiyuh Palace is not just a hotel, it is a medical and health complex, which includes the Adiuh mineral spring, a magnificent lake, a complex of baths and pools, entertainment centers and much more. Adijuh Palace – This is a fairy tale in the mountains, where everyone will find entertainment to their liking, and will be able to touch the legend "Adijuh". You and your family will spend your vacation not only fun, but also with health benefits. And all this at reasonable prices.

With the right approach, you can consider vacation in the mountains inexpensive, and an unusual way to spend time with your family.

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