Winter activities in the mountains

Winter activities in the mountains
27 November 2018

Winter is a magical season. The most fun holidays in the year, amazing landscapes, a mysterious, fairy-tale atmosphere familiar since childhood - all this makes us love winter, despite the cold and the need to wear hateful hats. Do you remember how it smells like a sunny, frosty winter day? On such a day, even the urban air seems clean, transparent and somehow truly life-giving. And even if the usual gray city days in the winter change, as if by magic, imagine how beautiful winter days are in the mountains!

Adiju-Palace in winter

What to do in the winter in the mountains? You can not just sit and enjoy the views from the window. Is it possible to make a winter holiday in the mountains so that the impressions of it eclipse all the hot countries and silk beaches combined? Our hotel Adiyuh Palace, located in a picturesque mountain gorge, is waiting for you to visit this winter, and promises that those who accepted our invitation will never forget the delights of winter holidays in the mountains. And, of course, they will want to repeat the winter adventure.

Winter holidays in the mountains. Adihuh Palace Hotel

Those of us who never drove along the slopes on a snowboard, imagine a winter holiday measured, calm. In fact, thoughts of a cozy armchair by the fireplace and a cup of mulled wine or hot chocolate make themselves smile blissfully. But would we have started this conversation if we didn’t have a more tempting offer for you?

Hotel Adijuh-Palace offers you not just a winter holiday in the mountains. We invite you to remember how great it was to run all day long, sledding, skating and skiing, and in the evening return to a warm cozy house, with a mug of something hot, climb up with your legs into a chair and watch how it gets dark outside the window. Of course, the phrase "active rest in the mountains" sounds more fashionable and modern, but is it really important when we invite you to visit?

Active winter holidays in the mountains. Hotel Adihuh Palace.

Snowboarding is the first thing that comes to mind when we hear about active winter rest. Mountain slopes, brilliant white snow - and the feeling of flight, speed and own capabilities, not limited by anything but fantasy. It's fun! It is even more fun than the very first sledging in childhood. We are sure that those who have ever tried to ride a snowboard understand perfectly well what this is about. If you skated more than once and know how to handle a slope, a board and your own legs - here you will have an excellent opportunity to relive these amazing emotions once again and, of course, show yourself. For those who are going to learn to ride a snowboard, the Adijuh Palace Palace has responsive, attentive and responsible instructors who will happily discover a real winter holiday for you and teach you everything you need. So after a couple of lessons you will have something to show. Perhaps, one can not speak about new impressions - they are guaranteed.

Dombay Snowboarding. Adiyuh Palace Hotel.

Remember the ski routes in the classroom in physical education? Memories of them, of course, are different, but after that there are few who feel joy at the mention of skiing. It's time to refresh your impressions, because skiing breaks these stereotypes at breakneck speed. Another indispensable component of active winter recreation in Adijuh Palace, which can give you a huge portion of adrenaline, drive and fun, regardless of your level of training, our instructors will charge each ward with positive and self-confidence.

Ski holiday Dombai. Hotel Adiyuh-Palace.

Another winter beauty is ice. It is equally beautiful in the form of ice sculptures, and on frozen waterfalls and ponds, even the drips of water that freeze on the eaves of houses and repeatedly become the cause of a cold in our childhood years, sparkle incredibly beautifully in the sun. But since we are talking about an active winter holiday, it is worth remembering another great property of ice. You can skate on it! And if you don’t like extreme sports or after a few descents from the mountainside there are still a lot of strength left, you will find a skating rink on the territory of our hotel. Skating gives a feeling of lightness, grace and unlimited freedom of movement, and the brilliance of ice, blades of ice skates and ice splashes from under them fascinate with its special, concise and sharp beauty. Want to improve your skills and learn a couple of dance moves on the ice? People who have perfected their dexterity, swiftness and plasticity to perfection will gladly pass on their skills to you. And how happy are children skating!

Winter holidays in the mountains. Adijuh Palace Hotel.

Winter holidays in the mountains underestimate many of those who are used to actively relax in the summer - and in vain. Winter rest can be much more multifaceted than summer: active winter entertainment during the day will fill you with pleasant emotions, and you can devote the evening to heartfelt talk over a cup of flavored mulled wine, warm up in the sauna and have a good rest to breathe the purest, purest mountain again the next day air and continue to swim in the sea of ​​new experiences. And who said that only children enjoy winter? An active winter holiday in the Adijuh Palace Hotel is there to fill with delight and give our guests new, unforgettable impressions, open new horizons and enjoy the amazing nature of the Caucasus Mountains at any time of the year. In addition, active rest in the fresh mountain air, of course, creates another miracle, restoring and strengthening health - is this not the best rest?

Corporate winter holidays in the mountains. Hotel Adihuh Palace.

Come for an active winter holiday, excellent service and new experiences!

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