Adijuh Palace - the best offer for a holiday in the mountains

Adijuh Palace - the best offer for a holiday in the mountains
24 April 2018

Holidays in the mountains - Adijuh Palace Hotel

When planning a vacation, we take into account many factors - location, prices, service, availability of various services. And, of course, our wishes for a holiday. Someone prefers to bask in the sun by the sea, and someone likes to see the mountains. Karachay-Cherkessia - just for such lovers. The mountains of the North Caucasus have always attracted attention with their climate, unique natural beauty. Hotel "Adijuh Palace" is pleased to offer also high quality European service.

What is included in the hotel complex?

  • Large selection of rooms (from economy to luxury);
  • Bath and pool complex;
  • A fitness center;
  • Sports grounds;
  • Museum of retro cars (which can also be used);
  • The possibility of holding various events (weddings, conferences, birthdays), as well as booking excursions (for example, rest in the mountains Teberda);
  • Presence of conditions for rest with children (playgrounds, entertainment, children's rooms).

It is worth noting that the hotel is also famous for its service - the guest will fully feel the legendary Caucasian hospitality.

Кавказское гостеприимство в отеле Адиюх-Пэлас

The hotel cuisine is astounding - here you can try all kinds of dishes of Caucasian cuisine and European cuisine.

You can choose any type of accommodation - rooms or cottages on the lake shore (if a big company comes, then this is the best option).

What can be seen in the area?

For more active tourists have the opportunity to go on excursions to honey waterfalls. The name comes from the legend that once upon a time there were nests of bees at the site of the waterfalls. These natural phenomena shake the imagination.

For lovers of antiquity, you can see it. It served as a watchtower, but also a prisoner, a place to store supplies. The tower deservedly enjoyed great success with tourists coming to Karachay-Cherkessia.

It is also proposed to rest in the mountains of Arkhyz - the famous village, where there are sources of medicinal water. The famous Kislovodsk is located not far away, where in Soviet times citizens went to treat their health and enjoy the clean mountain air. Now you can do it without leaving the hotel - Adijuh Palace offers European-level services and the minute attention of hotel staff. The air is also fresh and clean, in addition, the client will bring a lot of beautiful photos.

Отдых в горах Архыза, отель Адиюх-Пэлас

Rest in the mountains of Dombai is suitable for those who do not like to sit still and are constantly in motion.

Отдых в горах Домбая. Отель Адиюх-Пэлас.

You can paint all the advantages of the Adijuh Palace Hotel for a long time, but it's better to make sure yourself. The official website has the opportunity to book rooms at a suitable date and relax in the Caucasus Mountains, which store many beautiful pearls for tourists. One of them is the Adijuh Palace Hotel.

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