Fairy tale in the mountains

Hotel and health complex «Adijuh Palace»

Fairy tale in the mountains

Fairy tale in the mountains

Hotel and recreation complex "Adijuh Palace" - the pearl of Karachay-Cherkessia!

Come to the hotel, located in a picturesque valley at an altitude of 770 meters above sea level.

Discover the world of recreation and entertainment Adiyuh Palace! The hotel is the heart of Karachay-Cherkessia, not only because of the landscape and well-organized territory of 17 hectares, including a magnificent lake, Adijuh healing mineral spring , the bath-house swimming pool complex, sports grounds, comfortable rooms and restaurants. Rest in "Adiju Palace", first of all, - this is an excellent service, kindness and hospitality of the staff, a sea of positive emotions, a place where you want to return again and again.

"Adiju Palace" - the place where you will come to the legend of "Adijuh"!

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Welcome to "Adijuh Palace" - the pearl of Karachay-Cherkessia! This is the perfect place to start exploring the breathtaking landscapes of the Caucasus.

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The crystal-clear air, the gentle sun and the healing mountain springs are given to you by the nature of Karachay-Cherkessia! Hotel and recreation complex Adiuh Palace offers you European service and stylish comfort in the hospitable region of the Caucasus! We can provide suitable premises for your wedding, birthday or corporate catering, hold a seminar or presentation. Combine this with a great vacation or sports. Welcome to the hotel! We will arrange a personal consultation and hold any event.

Director of Finance and Economics of Monitor Electric JSC Elena Malkina

Dear friends! I express my gratitude to the management and staff of Adijuh Palace, who participated in organizing the celebration of the fifteenth anniversary of our company. We were not mistaken in choosing “Adiuh Palace” for our event. Beautiful nature, exquisite food, fascinating entertainment program made our vacation unforgettable. The place where the complex is located fully reveals the magnificence of the Caucasus and its color. The territory and infrastructure allow each of the guests to find something for their liking: a large park of bicycle and electric vehicles, a sports and leisure complex and a sauna complex, a swimming pool, fishing, horseback riding, alpine meadows, terrenkur and other team building opportunities. The modern decoration of the complex is organically combined with interior compositions that emphasize the national traditions of the proud Caucasian people. We recommend all lovers of mountain holidays to visit this wonderful place. Adiuh Palace is an excellent choice for corporate events. Special thanks for the children's animators, who throughout the day entertained and pleased the children. Our colleagues and guests felt Caucasian cordiality and hospitality, delicacy and responsiveness to all wishes, flexibility and resourcefulness in the process of preparing and holding the holiday. We wish you prosperity and hope for further cooperation!

Head of the secretariat of JSC VTB Registrar Andrey Vasilchenkov

Dear friends! I sincerely thank your team for the amazing, incredibly colorful and bright "Circassian" holiday, which you organized for us! According to feedback from employees, there has not been such a bright event filled with so many explosive and emotional feelings and feelings for a long time in the history of our company! You were able to combine the seemingly incompatible: they gave us the opportunity to hold a highly fruitful and deep in meaning and burden corporate meeting, and organized an incredible rest filled with bright colors and emotions ... We once again saw and became convinced - how wide and good is our country, how wonderful is KAKVKAZ! A real, powerful, piercingly beautiful! Now he is forever in our hearts !!!!! On behalf of all my colleagues and friends, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the staff of the Adiyu Palace: Marina Vladimirovna, Svetlana Ramazanovna, Arina, Beslan, and many others who were always with us these days We felt their non-indifference, concern, participation, creativity, delicacy and sensitivity to all our wishes, sudden changes in mood, flexibility and sensitivity in the process of preparing and holding this event. We will be extremely pleased to continue cooperation with you, friends, when the need arises. See you soon…

Stavropol, Mezhregiongaz

We are grateful for the hospitality and excellent rest with great recognition and love. You always want to come back again!

Recreation center Camel Beam

Thank you for serving the waiters of the restaurant, thank you for the attentive and sensitive service. Happy New Year!


Thank you very much! very nice and friendly staff. Thanks to Janie for SPA, Sergey for masks, Ella and Oksana as the best receptionist. Thanks for the cleanliness and beauty!

Tronevskaya M.A.

September 2 - the day of the oil and gas industry, rested superbly, thanks to the staff and the leadership of Adijuh Palace.


It is very cozy and comfortable in your establishment, you feel homely and comfortable, thanks to such employees as Ramazan and Nazir.

Sergey, Peter

Big thanks to the hotel staff, beautiful, polite, with a soul!

Gennady, Moscow

Lovely Hotel! My wife and I got great pleasure from staying here! Fresh air and a wonderful team of employees! Service for 5 points. Worth your money !!

Our news

Hotel Adijuh Palace for each holiday prepares interesting and colorful events. The style of the holiday is a combination of elegance and originality. Pop stars are regular guests of the hotel. The mission of the hotel is to make every holiday exceptional and unforgettable

Baptism in Adijuh-Palace
21 January 2019

Baptism in Adijuh-Palace

On the last bright holiday of Baptism in Adihuh Palace, Epiphany bathing took place in a consecrated hole.

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The film
05 January 2019

The film "Adiuh-Man"

Hotel guests after the New Year's Eve made a gift to the hotel - the film "Adiyuh-Man."

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