New year has come! ..

New year has come! ..
03 January 2019

If you think about it - what's wrong with this holiday? After all, from an astrological point of view, this is just one more complete turn made by our little blue abode around the Sun, and this magic can be assigned to any of the days, taking it as a point of reference, for example, November 13th. But it will not be the day, right? And from year to year we are waiting with bated breath for the magic night from the thirty-first to the first - New Year's Eve, familiar from childhood, smelling of tangerines, Christmas tree and frosty air. And be that as it may, it is special, if only because we want it so.

Новый год в Адиюх-Пэлас

They say that New Year's Eve should be the way you want to make the whole coming year. Who wants fun - go for a walk through the streets of the city, sharing joy with everyone who is also tired of everyday life and home evenings. Homemates collect in their nest the closest and sincerely wish to be in this house next to their loved ones this year - and for many, many years. And in the Adiyuh Palace Hotel on the first night of the new 2019, those who missed the New Year's magic, so familiar to us from childhood, gathered together when dishes on the table and gifts appear as if by themselves, the view outside the window is beautiful, the tree sparkles, the air it smells like crisp snow - and there are no worries, anxieties and duties, there is nothing but celebration, fun and joy.

Новогодняя ночь с Адиюх-Пэлас

The hotel staff did everything to make the New Year in Adijuh Palace a carefree, bright and wonderful holiday for hotel guests. Elegant guests enjoyed fine cuisine and great drinks, music, festive decorations and the relaxed atmosphere of the main night of the year, while children frolicking with caring animators made the holiday even more joyful and somehow homely.

Детские аниматоры в Адиюх-Пэлас.

Champagne, the President's address, the chiming clock ... And so, people who are not familiar with each other in the morning, hug, shake hands and wish happiness, health and good luck in the New Year. Someone laughs at this eternal, almost stereotypical congratulation, but everyone, having thought, agrees: you can’t say better ...

Празднование Нового года в отеле Адиюх-Пэлас

Who among us did not think of desires of a falling star? On New Year's Eve in Adijuh Palace, stars, constellations and galaxies bloomed in the night sky right on the hotel's territory - each of us watches fireworks, like the first time, fiery flowers, sparks, comets with golden tails never cease to amaze. The hotel staff has done for their guests another miracle.

Салют в новогоднюю ночь. Отель Адиюх-Пэлас.

And then - the New Year's show program, music again, dancing until the morning.

Новогодняя шоу-программа в Адиюх-Пэлас

It's amazing how fun, soulful and at the same time bright you can celebrate such a familiar New Year, if you entrust its organization to people who have repeatedly proved their ability to give a real holiday. And may the coming New Year be the same as the New Year's Eve at Adihuh Palace - fun, bright, carefree, full of the brightest emotions, discoveries, events and meetings. Just because we want to.

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