Baptism in Adijuh-Palace

Baptism in Adijuh-Palace
21 January 2019

What unites us? In the modern world, in which there are much more factors and circumstances forcing us to treat each other as competitors and rivals, there are so few things that can truly rally people. Surprisingly, almost all of them are connected with the memory of generations - anniversaries of great events, traditions and, of course, religious holidays.

On the bright feast of Epiphany, the mood of the people is special, and the guests of our Adijuh Palace Hotel were no exception. Our guests celebrated this important holiday for believers, plunging into the ice-hole, and this causes indescribable emotions both among the participants of bathing and those who could not join and remained an observer. There are a lot of rituals and beliefs associated with the purifying power, not only on the physical but also on the spiritual level, and using the example of people who dared to plunge into the consecrated hole in the severe Epiphany frosts, we see that this old custom really has a truly miraculous power - daredevils feel an incredible inner lift, enthusiasm, triumph and joy, and this simply can not affect the health in the best way.

Крещение в Адиюх-Пэлас, январь 2019

And, of course, this is a feat. Faith is an amazing power, giving people tremendous opportunities, and Epiphany bathing is not just a festive custom, but a real spiritual test that helps us realize our power, feel unity, help and support from above. On the past holiday of baptism in Adiyuh Palace, many people committed this feat for the sake of their faith and for the sake of strengthening their own fortitude, sincerely rejoicing both for themselves and for others. And what is this, if not a real miracle?

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