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Hotel and health complex «Adijuh Palace»

Fairy tale in the mountains

Fairy tale in the mountains

Hotel and recreation complex "Adijuh Palace" - the pearl of Karachay-Cherkessia!

Come to the hotel, located in a picturesque valley at an altitude of 770 meters above sea level.

Discover the world of recreation and entertainment Adiyuh Palace! The hotel is the heart of Karachay-Cherkessia, not only because of the landscape and well-organized territory of 17 hectares, including a magnificent lake, Adijuh healing mineral spring , the bath-house swimming pool complex, sports grounds, comfortable rooms and restaurants. Rest in "Adiju Palace", first of all, - this is an excellent service, kindness and hospitality of the staff, a sea of positive emotions, a place where you want to return again and again.

"Adiju Palace" - the place where you will come to the legend of "Adijuh"!

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Spend time at the "Adiju Palace"! Invite your friends, partners and colleagues by sending them a hotel presentation.

Welcome to "Adijuh Palace" - the pearl of Karachay-Cherkessia! This is the perfect place to start exploring the breathtaking landscapes of the Caucasus.

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The crystal-clear air, the gentle sun and the healing mountain springs are given to you by the nature of Karachay-Cherkessia! Hotel and recreation complex Adiuh Palace offers you European service and stylish comfort in the hospitable region of the Caucasus! We can provide suitable premises for your wedding, birthday or corporate catering, hold a seminar or presentation. Combine this with a great vacation or sports. Welcome to the hotel! We will arrange a personal consultation and hold any event.

Ставрополь, Межрегионгаз

С огромным признанием и любовью выражаем благодарность за гостеприимство и отличный отдых. Всегда хочется возвращаться вновь! 

База отдыха Вербовая балка

Благодарим за обслуживание официантов ресторана, спасибо за внимательное и чуткое обслуживание. С Новым годом!


Спасибо большое! очень приятный и дружелюбный коллектив. Спасибо Жанее за СПА, Сергею за маски, Элле и оксане как лучшим портье. Спасибо за чистоту и красоту!

Троневская М.А.

2 сентября - день нефтяной и газовой промышленности, отдохнули великолепно, спасибо персоналу и руководству Адиюх Пэлас


Очень уютно и комфортно в вашем заведении, чувствуется домашняя обстановка и комфорт, благодаря таким сотрудникам как Рамазан и Назир.

Сергей, Питер

Большая благодарность сотрудникам отеля, красиво, вежливо, с душой!

Геннадий, Москва

Прекрасный Отель! Мы с женой получили огромное удовольствие от пребывания здесь! Свежий воздух и прекрасный коллектив сотрудников! Обслуживание на 5 баллов. Стоит своих денег!!

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Hotel Adijuh Palace for each holiday prepares interesting and colorful events. The style of the holiday is a combination of elegance and originality. Pop stars are regular guests of the hotel. The mission of the hotel is to make every holiday exceptional and unforgettable

The film
05 January 2019

The film "Adiuh-Man"

Hotel guests after the New Year's Eve made a gift to the hotel - the film "Adiyuh-Man."

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New year has come! ..
03 January 2019

New year has come! ..

And may the coming New Year be the same as the New Year's Eve at Adihuh Palace - fun, bright, carefree, full of the brightest emotions, discoveries, events and meetings.

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